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Introducing the FELCO Classic Red Cap – a vibrant, true red statement piece that elevates your style effortlessly.
  • 80g
  • 0.18lb
€ 19,00


Crafted to FELCO's exacting standards, this cap embodies the brand's commitment to quality and timeless appeal. The rich, bold red finish remains resilient and fade-resistant, ensuring a fresh look wear after wear. Proudly emblazoned with the iconic FELCO logo, meticulously stitched to showcase fine craftsmanship, it stands as a testament to the brand's legacy. Designed for superior comfort and durability, this cap promises a snug fit without discomfort, thanks to carefully chosen materials. Its easily adjustable strap accommodates various head sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for everyone. From jogging to beach days and everyday errands, the Classic Red Cap seamlessly complements any outfit, making it a wardrobe staple. With a history rooted in excellence, FELCO's commitment to perfection shines through in every detail. Embrace elegance, wear your pride, and let the world see you in FELCO's Classic Red Cap.