Being close to customers

By building a vast distribution network, FELCO has aimed to locate professional representatives right across the globe. With the aid of modern communication devices and centralised promotional support, the sales network is ideally placed to professionally promote products and maintain close relationships with customers.

Thanks to long established partnerships with the distribution network, customers receive relevant information from experienced people and enjoy a very fast distribution of new products.

The distribution network is an integral part of the large FELCO family, and shares the same desire of achieving total customer satisfaction.

FELCO is determined to establish and maintain a sales network with a strong presence in the field, as well as at international and national fairs and exhibitions. Worldwide technical and commercial seminars are organised with this goal in mind.

The personnel

FELCO would not be what it is today without its people. From research to assembly, from machining to grinding, from heat treatment to dispatch and marketing, each and every employee is directly involved in our permanent quest for perfection throughout the manufacturing process.

With representatives from 14 countries, the FELCO team is gifted with remarkable know-how and takes pride in dedicating its efforts to products that are renowned worldwide. This cultural diversity is a distinct advantage when operating in different markets.
Ever-conscious of its social responsibilities, FELCO has welcomed a number of disabled workers into the company.

Customer service

All tools can be repaired thanks to a complete range of spare parts.
Our worldwide distribution network can quickly address all technical or product-related issues.

FELCO puts a lot of effort in the training of its sales network to ensure that market expectations are met and end users are advised in a professional manner.

Product documentation is designed to provide maintenance and repair advice to end users.

FELCO accessories assist ends users in maintaining their tools in the best possible fashion.

The distribution network can react to delivery requests within 24 hours. It also provides immediate technical assistance.
FELCO personnel have trained a network of specialised maintenance centres to service and to repair powered tools and advise end users.

A worldwide distribution network

Thanks to long-lasting and successful relationships with exclusive importers, FELCO has been able to build a worldwide distribution network that brings it closer to end users.

The FELCO entity brings together numerous regional importers, such as FELCO Switzerland, as well as 7 subsidiaries: FELCO France, FELCO Benelux, FELCO Poland, FELCO Africa, FELCO Germany, FELCO USA and FELCO Canada (PYGAR).

Worldwide distribution map Felco