Get your hands on a real FELCO

FELCO, means excellence, quality and durability in professional pruning and cutting tools.
Over the past year unethical entities have produced and sold counterfeit FELCO tools to cheat consumers.
That’s why FELCO is stepping up to support its customers who seek the highest quality products.


A counterfeit FELCO can look like the real thing but does not provide the quality and reliability of a real FELCO tool. These counterfeits are frequently sold online at retailers such as Amazon.com. These counterfeits are branded FELCO with the sole aim of deceiving the consumer. FELCO has decided to stand up for its customers. If you believe you have purchased a counterfeit FELCO product, learn below how FELCO will make it right.

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FELCO blades are always attached to handles by three pins and never with screws.
FELCO hardware uses only hexagonal flathead screws.
FELCO tools always have a clear, fine, deep stamped logo into the aluminum handles.
FELCO thumb catches have a compact specific design, they are tightly fastened to the handle and never touch the red grip.
FELCO red plastic grips are precisely applied to the aluminum handles. The grips cannot be peeled back by hand.

Counterfeit FELCO

Counterfeit blades are often attached with a screw on the inside of the blade.
Counterfeit hardware is not precision cut, has a poor, rough finish and often uses round Philips head screws.
Counterfeit blades are often attached with a screw on the inside of the blade.
Counterfeits often have large, loose thumb catches that touch the red grip.
Counterfeit grips often have gaps between the metal handle and the plastic grips. These grips can be peeled back by hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is FELCO taking on this issue?

    The highest quality tools are a joy to use and give owners pride and comfort in knowing they will last a lifetime. If you tried to invest in a FELCO, you deserve the real thing and we don’t want you to be disappointed. Helping to get you a real FELCO is just part of how we service our customers and earn their loyalty

  • How can I tell if I purchased a counterfeit FELCO?

    A real FELCO tool is precise and durable. To see the key points of comparison, click here.

  • What will FELCO do if I have a counterfeit?

    FELCO staff will personally review each submitted case and advise the customer on the best steps to make them whole. Each claim is also helping FELCO flag illegal retailers and supports future customers.

  • How long will it take?

    You will hear back from a submitted claim in 1-2 business days.

  • I was sold a knockoff FELCO with similar branding under a different company name. Can I report it through this program?

    You can submit this claim for filing but FELCO can only take action on clear counterfeits and not knock off products with inferior quality.

Actions around the world

Hundreds of Counterfeit FELCO secateurs destroyed in Hungary

Like the makers of watches and luxury branded goods, the Swiss manufacturer of pruning and cutting tools, FELCO, is faced with the problem of counterfeit products.