Special Edition Pruning Shears

A Special Edition of pruning shears
in partnership with Stéphane Marie

This special Stéphane Marie edition, including the FELCO 14, FELCO 6 and FELCO 8 models, is adorned with the drawings of the gardener and star host of "Silence, ça pousse!"

An exceptional tool

To make this 100% Swiss Made tool, FELCO relied on its knowledge and proven manufacturing processes for more than 75 years, but also on techniques used in watchmaking. Thus, the aluminum handles are first anodized in black, then an arabesque representing the herbarium of Stéphane Marie is applied thanks to the UV printing technique, before protecting the whole with a powder coating. A collector's item, this exceptional tool is nevertheless perfectly usable in the usual size tasks for which it was designed.

The Herbarium as a source of Inspiration

A great lover of autumn and unable to bring himself to see his trees and plants lose their leaves, Stéphane Marie has built, over the years, an herbarium with the most beautiful leaves from the various species of his Cotentin Garden. It is from this herbarium that he was inspired to draw the decorations of this unique pruner.

Acer palmatum Ohushimo

"This Japanese maple is a marvel of delicacy.”

Calicarpa Cardinal Soleil

"This Callicarpa becomes a kind of purple cloud."

Acer palmatum « Dissectum Atropurpureum »

"A Japanese maple with extremely chiseled purple foliage."

Hamamélis « Diane »

"I love its little name: hazel witches."

(Purple flowers in winter, crazy colors in autumn.)

Hydrangea paniculata

"Just a pearly bract, sublime."

Aronia prunifolia

« The Aronia, their fruits perk us up, the birds love them. »

75 Years of History and Innovation

Synonymous with quality and durability, thanks to a precious know-how cultivated for more than 75 years, FELCO, a Swiss company in family hands, has set itself the mission of perpetuating excellence in the manufacture of cutting tools by creating harmony between the hand and the plant world.

Screwed counter-blade made of high-quality hardened steel

Tin box decorated with the creations of Stéphane Marie. Reusable, this packaging reflects the concept of sustainability dear to FELCO and its ambassador

Engraved blade "FELCOLover" made of high-quality hardened steel thanks to FELCO's unique quenching and grinding processes

« FELCO is a strong brand. More than ever, we must make beautiful tools, which must remain exceptional tools, which give positive emotions and pleasure to all users. »

Nabil Francis, CEO FELCO SA