One-hand pruning shear - Bypass - Ergonomic model - Small size - Revolving handle

The FELCO 15 pruning shears / secateurs set a new standard for a compact high-performance pruning tool. The compact size combined with a rotating handle bring a new level of efficient power and exceptional manoeuvrability to the FELCO portfolio. Whether you have small or large hands they excel ergonomically to deliver outstanding reach and cutting power in all pruning tasks. 

Download our hand sizing chart in the documentation section below.

  • 18.00mm
  • 0.71inch
  • 260g
  • 0.57lb
  • 189.00mm
  • 7.44inch
Hand size
  • Small hand
4 interest-free payments of $19.35
Made in Switzerland
30 days return
*Lifetime warranty


A compact design optimised with a revolving handle, allows the FELCO 15 to spread cutting force and reduce muscle strain. A 30% reduction in the cutting force required – is not something you will dismiss at the end of an intensive pruning day. The FELCO 15 is an ideal tool for smaller hand sizes but can also be used by larger hand sizes to perform a full range of pruning applications. The first time you cut with them, you will be amazed how a tool so lightweight and compact, can also be so powerful, manoeuvrable and comfortable. Rubber shock absorbers and an angled cutting head considerably enhance comfort of operation. With a fully adjustable cutting head to ensure precision cutting, you will very soon wonder how you ever pruned without the FELCO 15. 


  • 14/3
  • 14/3 Black F-Tech
  • 14/4
    Counter blade with screw
  • 15/1
    Complete handle assembly without blade
  • 15/2
    Complete handle assembly without counter blade
  • 15/22B
    Rotating handle
  • 15/36
    Counter blade handle grip
  • 2/10
  • 2/12
    Thumb catch
  • 2/13
    Thumb catch spring washer
  • 2/14
    Thumb catch screw
  • 2/15
    Base plate
  • 2/16
    Toothed segment
  • 2/18
  • 2/19
    Crimped ring
  • 2/20
    Shock absorber
  • 2/30
    Adjustment key
  • 2/5B
    Blade rivet
  • 2/9
    Toothed nut
  • 6/11
    Nickel plated spring
  • 6/6
    Counter blade screw
  • 6/7
    Screw for toothed segment
  • 6/8
  • 6/91
    Kit: 2 springs
  • 7/23
    Rotating handle axel


1x 14/3
  • A revolving handle spreads the pruning effort required, reducing the cutting force required to protect your joints and muscles
  • Lightweight construction provides for efficient handling no matter the location or task
  • The small cutting head enables easy access and greater reach to make pruning branches safe and efficient
  • Precision pruning and tip cutting makes the FELCO 15 ideal for the fine detail and ensures you get the job done first time
  • The forged aluminium handles ensure your FELCO tool is robust enough for heavy-duty pruning
  • Rely on FELCO proprietary heat treating and hardening know-how to provide you with a long lasting ultra-sharp cutting edge
  • The compact design efficiently distributes the cutting power for a high performance that you can rely on in every situation
  • The angled head integrates the tool’s function with your hand for a comfortable cutting action that becomes second nature
  • Enjoy comfortable and safe pruning with the ergonomic cushioned, non-slip, phthalate-free handle grips*
  • The sap groove prevents the blade from sticking and improves cutting efficiency
  • The wire cutting notch in the blade provides for every eventuality and avoids the temptation to risk blunting your tool 
  • Easily adjust the cutting head for a clean and precise cut that promotes quick healing of the pruning wound
  • Keep cutting for longer as rubber shock absorbers increase your handling comfort and reduce fatigue
  • The quick and easy blade change is safe, secure and ensures you can always get on with the job
  • The adjustable closing lock makes for safe pick up and holstering wherever your pruning takes you
  • If you value sustainability as much as we do, you’ll want to keep your FELCO in premium condition and minimise waste in using a tool where key parts - from the blade and spring to the smallest screw - are replaceable  
  • Red handles underline our Swiss heritage while acting as a convenient beacon, so you can always find your FELCO tool in any environment
  • Made in Switzerland using 100% renewable energy

*Phthalates are known to be potential endocrine disruptors, FELCO has been producing phthalate-free products since 2015