14 Nov 2022

The new FELCO 221 loppers

The new FELCO 221 loppers comes in three sizes, and is designed for orchards, fruit trees and landscaping, where pruning and cutting work requires a long reach.

The FELC0 221 range has been designed to meet the needs of professionals. However, it is also perfectly suited for non-professional users who wish to prune at height in their gardens. Its hardened steel blade, forged counterblade and lightweight aluminum handles guarantee performance, durability and reliability.


The FELC0 221 is equipped with an incredibly efficient cutting head. Its curved blade is manufactured using FELCO's exclusive grinding process, which greatly improves the longevity of the cutting edge. The new blade geometry allows for better penetration into hardwoods with minimal effort, while also allowing precise tip cutting.


With its 45 mm cutting diameter, the FELC0 221 is ideal for orchard pruning and landscaping. A non-slip coating gives this lightweight tool a pleasant and comfortable grip. The "I" design of the aluminum handles provide optimum resistance to physical stress, while the soft shock absorbers help reduce fatigue.

Photo Credit : Tripack