01 May 2019


FELCO 14 & FELCO 15: Two new models of compact, lightweight and efficient pruning shears. Available with either a fixed (FELCO 14) or revolving handle (FELCO 15), these new pruning shears are particularly suitable for smaller hands... but also appeal to even larger ones.

Professional users and demanding gardeners will find in FELCO 14 and FELCO 15 the unique know-how of the FELCO brand in areas of ergonomics, durability and ease of use. These two new models of pruning shears are extremely compact and lightweight, offering an efficient and powerful pruning solution for branches with diameters up to 18 mm / 0.7 inches in all types of demanding environments.

Thanks to the specific design of the cutting head, that is highlighted by a slightly curved blade, the FELCO 14 and FELCO 15 allow for a powerful, yet smooth cutting action. The curve of the counter-blade is optimised to hold the branch as closely as possible to the centre of the cutting head to ensure powerful, smooth cutting. The slim design of the two tools, makes them extremely manoeuvrable and allows easy access to branches when cutting. The forged aluminium handles (with lifetime guarantee) are lightweight and rugged and their shape is designed for optimal handling. The carefully designed ergonomics of the shears, with an angled cutting head and shock absorbers significantly reduce wrist and hand strain, providing superior comfort even during intensive and heavy-duty pruning.   The FELCO 14 and FELCO 15 blade and a counter-blade are made from high-quality hardened steel. A wire cutting notch and sap groove make work easier while the micrometric system allows you to easily adjust the tool with precision to ensure clean cutting.   As with all FELCO pruning shears, each component of FELCO 14 and FELCO 15 is replaceable, ensuring that the life of the tool can be extended as long as the owner chooses.

“In response to market demand and in collaboration with our professional users in the field, we have developed these small, lightweight and efficient pruning shears. Do not let the size fool you, the new FELCO 14 and FELCO 15 pruning shears are high performance, powerful pruning shears that are perfect for smaller hands but equally productive in larger hands. They extend the FELCO range by offering an alternative to users with small hands and those who are looking for compact and easy to handle pruning shears. Designed carefully down to the least detail, made with fully renewable energy and produced according to our high-quality standards, the FELCO 14 and FELCO 15 will be particularly appreciated for pruning work in arboriculture, landscaping, gardening, viticulture, and nurseries” adds Stephan Kopietzki, CCO of FELCO.