06 Feb 2020

FELCO and Crop Trust get into the field in Costa Rica

The partnership with Crop Trust goes beyond an in-depth study to ensure the long-term conservation of the world’s only international coffee tree collection.

From February 8th, the FELCO team will join CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center), the organization responsible for preserving 12,000 trees representing 23 coffee species in Costa Rica, and provide CATIE team with high performance FELCO tools to optimize their pruning work in the coffee collection.  FELCO along with sponsoring the in-depth study has also donated a vast variety of pruning tools to ensure that the CATIE team is taking care of these unique coffee species with the best pruning tools available.

Hands-on, intensive training sessions will be provided by FELCO to the local CATIE team to get the most out of their new FELCO tools, such as the new high performance Power Blade Series electric pruning shears! A great opportunity for all to share pruning experience and expertise!