06 May 2019

FELCO 32 evolution

With a constant focus on improving product quality and service, FELCO has decided to make key changes to the FELCO 32 pruning shears / secateurs that will update the blade design.

The FELCO 32 blade has been made through a forging process, from 2019, the new blade for the FELCO 32 pruning shears / secateurs will be stamped just like the blades of all other existing world class FELCO pruning shears /secateurs. This update will allow FELCO to use a proven and mastered manufacturing process, while preserving the technical properties of the product.

The design of FELCO 32 will be slightly modified, as the side pockets on the FELCO 32 blade will be removed and the new FELCO 32 blade will have smooth sides like on all FELCO blades. Both blade versions are fully compatible on the FELCO 32 the tools.