04 Apr 2019


International partnership between
Master pruners and experts in pruning tools

The international partnership and collaboration between FELCO and SIMONIT&SIRCH is officially underway to promote the shared philosophy of improving vineyard life. Thanks to the SIMONIT&SIRCH pruning method, the most correct cut is in fact applied to guarantee a long life of the vine, while FELCO through its instruments ensures that each cut is performed cleanly and precisely. The agreement was formalized on the occasion of the Pruning Festival, conceived and organized by SIMONIT&SIRCH, which took place on March 9th in Erbusco, in Franciacorta. It was signed by Marco Simonit, CEO and co-founder of SIMONIT&SIRCH, and Stephan Kopietzki CCO of FELCO.

FELCO and SIMONIT&SIRCH are two key companies in the wine sector, internationally renowned and present worldwide. With this partnership, they begin a large-scale collaboration that includes, among other things, the presence at important events aimed to raise awareness among vine-growers, students, and vineyard enthusiasts on topics such as training, tutoring, quality in the performance of pruning, the choice of the most suitable tools for the safety and comfort of the operators.

"For years we have been using pruning shears and material from FELCO that, with their quality and ergonomics, guarantee us two equally important things for us: the well-being of the pruners and the well-being of the plants on which we work" explains Marco Simonit.

"It is not easy to find a partner with such shared values ​​and with such a significant international impact - says Christophe Nicolet, CEO of FELCO SA - We are excited to collaborate with SIMONIT&SIRCH, who have authority and a great following in teaching the correct pruning of vines all over the world. We are confident that, by combining our skills, we will help the winemakers and vineyard workers.  The pruning shears are the winemaker's tool, and with FELCO's attention to the ergonomics, performance and durability of cutting tools, we are convinced that we can also help vineyard workers trained by SIMONIT&SIRCH to obtain even more from the pruning method they learn, educating them to make better use of the tools they use."


Founded in 2003, with headquarters in Corno di Rosazzo in Friuli Venezia Giulia, SIMONIT&SIRCH is the only specialized and accredited international group in the field of training of personnel in charge of manual pruning of vineyards. It has developed the SIMONIT&SIRCH branched pruning method (which reduces the devastating impact of cuts on the plant's lymphatic system due to the internal desiccation they cause), which can be adapted to all forms of vine cultivation. With a team of instructors all over the world, SIMONIT&SIRCH trains 150 of the leading international wine companies and collaborates with many of the most renowned wine research institutes and universities in the world. In 2016 he set up the DUTE in Bordeaux with the ISVV, the only university diploma in the world of pruning and picking buds.