Rose Gloves

Experience the perfect blend of comfort, durability, and protection with our FELCO 705 Rose gloves. Crafted to meet the needs of the modern gardener, these gloves are meticulously designed to offer a thorn resistance for rose gardening and more enjoyable gardening experience. Made from premium top-grain cow leather, they are soft, flexible and incredibly strong. The gauntlet cuff, made from genuine cow leather suede offers forearm protection from thorns. The cuff is equipped with a nylon strap and a buckle so it remains perfectly in place during work sessions.

  • 242g
  • 0.53lb
  • 225.00mm
  • 8.86inch
Made in Pakistan


The FELCO 705 Rose gloves embody the FELCO glove range key features: ergonomics, quality and performance, that meet the needs of professional users and demanding home gardeners.

Developed to protect hands against the risks of minor physical injuries while pruning, this new range of gloves is a natural addition to FELCO’s product range.

FELCO gloves are designed for professionals and amateur gardeners looking for high quality protection. Available in 4 different sizes (from S to XL), the gloves adapt to the shape of your hand for the greatest comfort while pruning.

 - Exceptional Leather Quality: Crafted from top-grade cow leather, our gloves are soft, flexible, and highly durable, ensuring both comfort and resilience.

- Forearm Shield: The gauntlet cuff, made from genuine cow leather suede, safeguards your forearms from thorns and potrential scratches.

- Tailored Fit: An elastic cuff closure ensures a secure and comfortable fit, while preventing debris from entering your gloves.

- Stay-Put Design: Featuring a nylon strap and a buckle, to ensure the cuff stays in place throughout your gardening tasks.

- Versatile Protection: These gloves provide reliable protection against minor physical and mechanical hazards, making them ideal for various gardening activities.