Pole pruning shears - 1.68 - 2.67 m - 30 mm cutting diameter

Where the pole saw offers power, reach and robust cuts, the FELCO 290 pole pruner gives you precision and efficiency. It offers a 30 mm cutting capacity, a non-stick coated blade for precise, clean cuts, and can be deployed up to 2.67 m. Thanks to its high-quality materials (aluminum, polycarbonate and carbon fiber), the FELCO 290 is reliable and durable.

  • 1.27Kg
  • 2.80lb
  • 1680.00mm
  • 66.14inch


FELCO is strongly strengthening its offering for long-reach pruning solutions with the launch of the FELCO 682 & 684 pole saws and now with the addition of the FELCO 290 pole pruner. Comprising a telescopic pole, sliding handle, rotating cutting head and a series of pulleys, the FELCO 290 reaches into the canopy of fruit trees and cuts branches with precision.


  • 290/3-1

    Kit: blade, spring, bolt, nut

  • 290/85

    it: rotating cutting head, rope, pin, blade attachment



Kit: blade, spring, bolt, nut

1 x 290/3-1

Medium-length pole pruner for fruit tree growers, landscapers and home gardeners.

Lightweight, robust and with high-quality cuts

30 mm cutting diameter 

Rotating cutting head in polycarbonate and carbon fiber with angles ranging from 110° to 60

High-quality hardened carbon steel blade with non-stick coating

Durable, lightweight aluminum pole with extension up to 2.67 m

Heavy-duty Dyneema® professional tow rope won't break

Non-stick coating prevents corrosion and ensures smooth cutting

Ergonomic handle for optimum comfort

Made in Italy