Пила - Пила в ножнах - Лезвие 33 см
Надежность: нержавеющее хромированное полотно изготовлено из высококачественной стали / индукционно закаленные зубья / чистый, точный срез / части могут быть заменены Эффективность: коническая форма полотна предотвращает застревание (1) / форма и расположение зубьев предотвращают загрязнение полотна (2) / не нуждается в обслуживании Эргономичность: удобная нескользящая ручка / чехол для правшей и левшей с отстегивающейся петлей для ремня
  • 100.00mm
  • 3.94inch
  • 370g
  • 0.82lb
  • 500.00mm
  • 19.69inch
сделано в Республика Корея


Practical, consistent, efficient… three descriptions that are as easily applied to the low friction, straight tapered FELCO 611 pruning saw as its blade is applied to any chosen branch. With sawdust quickly removed by hardened teeth you are left to admire a clean, smooth, quality cut. The stability and comfort of the ergonomic handle - whether you are right or left-handed - gives you the incentive to keep on cutting no matter where you are working. When you finally do stop, the saw can be stored in a sheath that can be fixed to your belt on either side. 


  • 61/4
  • 61/5
  • 610/12
    Набор: ремень
  • 611/3
  • 611/7


1x 61/4
  • The exceptional longer blade design of the FELCO 611 pruning saw delivers highly efficient cutting speed so you can rely on a productive pruning session
  • The conical blade shape and teeth setting avoids clogging to ensure that sap and sawdust are no obstacle to a satisfying cut
  • A pull-stroke saw that eliminates any sticking entry into the wood for an smooth cutting action
  • An extremely rugged and durable pull-stroke saw that can be put safely away in a sheath attached to your belt for easy carrying and maximum convenience
  • Rely on FELCO proprietary heat treating and hardening know-how to provide you with a long lasting and high-performance cutting edge
  • The ultra-sharp blade cuts easily through larger pieces of wood which enables you to take on challenging tasks
  • The quick and easy blade change is safe, secure and ensures that you can always get on with the job
  • Enjoy comfortable and safe pruning and cutting with the soft touch, non-slip phthalate-free handle*
  • The lightweight, ergonomic handle suitable for left and right handers also incorporates a hole to attach a strap or clip if required
  • If you value sustainability as much as we do, you’ll want to keep your FELCO tool in premium condition and minimise waste by using a tool where parts - from the blade to the smallest screw, are replaceable  
  • Red handle colour underlines our Swiss heritage while acting as a convenient beacon
N°1  Замена лезвия
Если инструмент перестал хорошо резать, рекомендуется заменить лезвие.
FELCO 611  - Замена лезвия

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