11 Nov 2020

Timeless Swiss Expertise

When designing and manufacturing tools at FELCO, we always keep in mind values such as reliability, durability, ergonomics and interchangeability of parts. These principlesflow directly from the founder’s spirit, and can still be found today within our internal processes.

For 75 years, our FELCO factory has been cultivating precious expertise to manufacture its tools. Using basic principles that have not changed over time.

The reliability of our products is their essential asset. Precise cutting angles and flawless construction quality guarantee a performance which meets the demanding expectations of the user, usually a professional.

This quality of workmanship means that FELCO products are exceptionally durable; this is closely linked to another advantage: the interchangeability of parts. When parts are worn out and can no longer be serviced, they can be changed to extend the tool’s lifespan.

A stroke of genius on the part of our founder, Félix Flisch, which ensures the durability of FELCO tools. “This interchangeability is an asset, even if it is sometimes also a constraint during product development. But it is never an obstacle. If we can no longer ensure the compatibility of parts over time, then we develop a new parts,” explains Denis Tièche, Technical Director at FELCO SA.

Offering new products to meet the needs of our customers also involves constant research into ergonomics. Our tools are available for all hand sizes, for right or left-handed users and according to their precise use. Developed in the 1960s, our rotating handles have significantly improved user comfort.

We have cultivated these values since the brand’s beginnings. However, they do not exclude innovation. This has been expressed through the development of a wide range of products which supplement the pruning shears (cable cutters, saws, etc…) but also through the constant modernisation of our production facilities.

The future will no doubt be more about power tools. As early as the 1970s, we developed power assisted pruning shears which support and reinforce movement. Initially pneumatic, they became electric in the 1980s. “This mechanisation of work is still a key topic today. The miniaturisation of tools and the improvement of their autonomy will be a strong trend in the future”, notes Christophe Winter, CTO of FELCO.

Similarly, tool connectivity is a direction for the future. The FELCO Power Blade Series® can already be connected to a smart device via a FELCO application in order to customise settings, update the tool or view usage statistics. As Christophe Winter points out, “this is a form of applying the Internet of Things. We are going to develop this connectivity to bring more useful information to users”.