02 Nov 2020

A Special Edition Icon for FELCO’s 75th anniversary

To celebrate our 75th anniversary, we have developed a special edition of our iconic pruning shears.  The “FELCO 2 Special Edition 75th anniversary” model, decorated with iconic Swiss symbols, which also reflect values of our brand, is manufactured in a limited series of 750 pieces.

“The FELCO 2 is an icon! This tool alone sums up the values of innovation and sustainability which define our brand reputation,” explains Guillaume Martinetti, Product Marketing Manager at FELCO. This symbolic model was naturally chosen to create a special edition of pruning shears celbrating the 75th anniversary of our brand.

To date, it is estimated that more than 16 million FELCO 2s have been sold worldwide. These are now joined by 750 unique colourful versions, as Guillaume Martinetti points out. “For the special edition 75th anniversary model, we wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to explore new technological fields of decoration”.

For this special edition we use a water transfer. This hydro-dipping printing technology can be applied even to complex shapes made of metal, plastic, glass, hardwood and other materials. “It has been a real challenge. Due to the ergonomic design of the pruning shear handles, the operation required manual dipping which makes each piece unique,” Guillaume Martinetti adds.

The motif chosen to decorate the pruning shear handles is composed of pictograms which evoke various Swiss values  that make up the FELCO brand. The Matterhorn, a St. Bernard, a watch, or an edelweiss are all Swiss symbols which characterise the special edition and celebrate the qualities which made the FELCO 2 an icon.

At the time of its launch in 1948, the FELCO 2 pruning shears revolutionised the market. Made from aluminium, they were lighter and more ergonomic than competitors. With interchangeable steel parts, they could last forever and be easily maintained.  “The concept was avant-garde. It is all the more relevant today,” notes Guillaume Martinetti.

Since the beginning of its production, the FELCO 2 has not changed in design, with innovation essentially inherent in its materials and production method, making it a timeless tool.

Coated with a solid varnish, the FELCO 2 75th anniversary special edition will ensure it does not just remain a display item, as Guillaume Martinetti explains: “Yes, it’s a tool which can be admired, added to one’s collection, but it can also be used.”