Swiss knife FELCO, 3 functions

The FELCO 500 pocket knife whether you use at work or for leisure, you’ll enjoy its compact efficiency, high quality materials, sharp cutting blade and the exceptional safety the convenient blade lock provides. For those who consider ergonomics indispensable, the innovative design with curved shape and soft touch handle make it a pleasure to hold and use. 

  • 60g
  • 0.13lb
  • 95.00mm
  • 3.74inch
ZAR 545.28
Made in Switzerland
30 days return


The robust FELCO 500 pocket knife combines style and practicality in equal measure, the clever slot to open the blade will put smiles on the faces of right and left-handers alike. The strong stainless steel blade is encased in an ergonomic handle - with “soft-touch” materials - making it a joy to grip. Tweezers are a perfect addition for when you need precise access and safety is assured by the blade lock, which is applied in the open position. Pressing the Swiss cross close to the base of the blade to unlock is habit-forming and the care regime is equally easy as the knife can also be put occasionally in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.