20 Oct 2021

The international partnership and collaboration between VINE MASTER PRUNERS Academy by SIMONIT&SIRCH and FELCO is officially underway to promote the shared philosophy of improving vineyard life. Thanks to the SIMONIT&SIRCH vine pruning Method, the most correct cut is in fact applied to guarantee a long life of the vine, while FELCO through its pruning tools ensures that each cut is performed cleanly and precisely.


VINE MASTER PRUNERS Academy, the first and only international e-learning platform dedicated to vine pruning, provides the pruners’ community worldwide with the digital tool to learn the SIMONIT&SIRCH Pruning Method. FELCO produces high quality pruning tools that deliver precise and clean cuts, enabling pruning operators to optimally perform their pruning work. The collaboration will include both digital initiatives and in-person events, and touch on topics such as helping pruning operators to choose the best pruning tool for their work, how to maintain their tools and get the most performance out of them.

"We’ve been using FELCO pruning shears for years. They’re ergonomic and of excellent quality, which ensures two things that are fundamental for us: well-being of pruners and well-being of the vines we work with” - explains Marco Simonit, a co-founder of SIMONIT&SIRCH.

FELCO is proud to be the Main Sponsor of Vine Master Pruner Academy. Pruning education can be transferred in many forms, but with Vine Master Pruner Academy high quality pruning education is now available online 24/7 to students around the world, educational programs like this are critical to ensure healthy vines now and for the future.” – explains Stéphane Poggi, COO Chief Operating Officer of FELCO SA.  FELCO pruning tools are made like a Swiss watch from the highest quality materials, providing extreme functional precision.  Our tools guarantee fast healing of the pruning wound, are ergonomic for left and right hands in all sizes and are made to last as every part is replaceable. Meticulously made in Switzerland using only 100% renewable energy, FELCO tools are designed to work in harmony with nature and to last for generations. They come with a lifetime warranty on the forged aluminum handles since their launch in 1945.


The Academy has opened its virtual doors on January 15th, 2021. It was created by SIMONIT&SIRCH, a company with 30 years of experience and established leader in manual vine pruning training worldwide. The VINE MASTER PRUNERS Academy platform offers online courses as well as free videos and a forum with vine growing professionals and vine enthusiasts from all over the world. With more than 6000 users from over 40 countries, VINE MASTER PRUNERS Academy keeps growing, continuously implementing new content.