22 Sep 2016

FELCO 811, the new portable pruning shears that offer power and speed for all demanding pruning jobs.

FELCO has added to its range of portable electronic pruning shears with a new model that is light, powerful, versatile and fast. The FELCO is ideal for heavy-duty work in all areas of pruning applications, and is much appreciated by wine-growers, tree cultivators and landscape gardeners. It can easily cut diameters up to 35mm, with power, speed and manoeuvrability, this new tool truly completes a full range of FELCO electronic pruning shears.

The FELCO combines the power of FELCO 820 with the speed and lightweight handling of FELCO 801. This new tool has been developed by FELCO through close collaboration with professional users across the world to ensure key user requirements were met or exceeded. After thoughtful design to user needs and significant user testing the result is a new versatile tool par excellence. In the areas of wine-growing, tree cultivation or tending to parks and gardens alike, FELCO 811 keeps all its promises to the demanding end user.

With a 35mm cutting capacity, a robust single-piece cast aluminium body with a lifelong guarantee and redesigned cutting heads, the FELCO 811 is a powerful, compact and efficient tool. It offers superior cutting quality over a long period of time. Lightweight (810g) and with an unobstructed cutting head, the FELCO 811 easily navigates through branches to prune.

Cutting speed can even be further increased by activating the semi-open mode. The semi-open mode can be adjusted to 50%, 60% and 70% as needed, and is activated easily with the trigger or the remote control unit.

A second interchangeable and easy to mount cutting head is available as an option. This second cutting head is designed to hold the wood perfectly for heavy-duty cutting of large diameters (>30mm).

The FELCO 811 tool is lightweight and balanced in the hand, and has soft touch coating for a comfortable grip. Its compact and ergonomic carrying system makes movements easy, with even distribution of the weight of the battery or batteries. The lined structure maximises air flow and thus provides greater comfort. The rugged and strong carrying system is compatible with other models of the FELCOtronic range.

In addition to the existing battery, FELCO now offers a double-capacity battery of the latest generation. For those who already have a current FELCOtronic tool, the new FELCO 811 can be controlled by older carrying systems via a software update.

Lastly, the cutting head is easy to maintain, with no need for disassembly, thanks to the lubricating bolt. As with all FELCO tools, the FELCO 811 has a complete set of spare parts available.

FELCO 811 will be available from FELCO dealers from September 2016.

"Throughout its long history of over 70 years, FELCO has always offered professional end users a range of pruning shears adapted to each need. Owners of the FELCO 820 appreciate its extraordinary power, while users of the FELCO 801 say they are very happy with its speed and manoeuvrability.

With the release of the FELCO 811, FELCO has shown once again that it is a valuable partner capable of offering the most complete range in the market.

The durability of our products is evidence of our dedication to professional users. That approach is also demonstrated by our decision to make the new control and battery systems compatible with electronic pruning shears dating from the early 2000s. Our slogan of 'Swiss Precision Made to Last' is being verified routinely in the field" says Christophe Nicolet, CEO of FELCO.

"The main challenge for this FELCO 811 tool was to achieve cutting capacity and power that is far greater than the FELCO 801, with no adverse effect on speed and weight. Based on the principle of the proven FELCO 801, the mechanical system of the FELCO 811 has been entirely reviewed and optimised for new and highly versatile cutting heads to meet demanding professional end user needs" adds Denis Tièche, CTO of FELCO.