13 Jul 2013

New rotating handles making tools more user friendly and comfortable.

FELCO has improved the ergonomics of FELCO 7, FELCO 10, FELCO 12 and FELCO 50 to provide an easier and more comfortable grip.

The Swiss Company FELCO is the global leader recognised for the quality for its cutting and pruning tools. The recent developments have focused on improving the ergonomics of the one-hand, rotating handle pruning shears, which include the FELCO 7, 10, 12 and 50 models within the "Green range". The company is looking to push the boundaries of excellence for the rotating handled tools, in particular the areas that supports the movement of the hand, to guarantee greater comfort when using the pruning shears. These tools are primarily designed for professionals working in the fields of arboriculture, horticulture or viticulture but can also be used by demanding amateurs. All the new models will be launched as from September.

The improvements made have resulted in the heightened comfort of the FELCO 7, FELCO 10, FELCO 12 and FELCO 50. The major change lies with the choice of a elastomer (rubber) coating for the rotating handle, which is a softer and more adhesive material than the polymer used up till now. In addition, the geometry of the aluminium handles of the FELCO 7, 10 and 50 models was revised in order to enhance the ergonomics and the effectiveness of the pruning shears.

The uniqueness of the FELCO Company lies with the durability of the products. The aluminium pruning shear handles are guaranteed for life. In addition, the designers have ensured that the new spare parts, including the rotating handles, are compatible with former tools.