Terms and conditions of use of the website of FELCO SA

I) Introduction

Thank you very much for visiting the website of FELCO SA (hereinafter ‘FELCO’), Rue des Mélèzes 4, 2206 Les Geneveys-sur-Coffrane, Switzerland. Please review its terms and conditions of use. By browsing the website, you tacitly accept these terms and conditions.
FELCO only manages the content of the website at felco.com (hereinafter the “main website”) and of other web sites it owns (such as felco.eu ou felco.ch). FELCO has authorized other companies to manage information contained in the web pages specific to the countries concerned (for instance felco.com/de_de or felco.com/be_nl, hereinafter the “local content”), particularly through its subsidiaries or dealers. The fact that the “local content” of the FELCO website contains information or includes content featuring on the “main website” does not make FELCO liable in any way. In particular, FELCO shall not be liable and no guarantee or commitment in respect of the creditworthiness or financial position of its dealers (including subsidiaries) may be inferred from the support or appearance of support of FELCO to its dealers (including subsidiaries) or the presence of any content relating to FELCO on the website with “local content”.
The companies that manage “local content” are entities that are distinct from FELCO and are governed by the laws of their respective countries.

II) Legal information

Object and content of the website

The information and material on this website are only presented in order to provide general information about FELCO, it’s products and dealers (including subsidiaries). FELCO reserves the right to revise, supplement or delete content without notice for any reason at any time. It shall not be liable for the consequences of such changes.
Further, insofar as this website contains declarations about future developments, these may be contingent upon factors out of the control of FELCO. Consequently, the company shall not be liable for any changes or the non-realization of those developments.
FELCO reserves the right to revise the legal information contained in this document at all times. In the event of subsequent visits, users are responsible for verifying the changes that have occurred in the contents and terms and conditions of use.

Copyright and intellectual property rights

This website and any information, data or content contained in it (in particular text, images, photographs, logos, characters, videos, drawings, graphics, symbols, names, product denominations, processes, technologies, including the FELCO trademark) are protected by copyright (particularly the Swiss federal copyright law LDA) and are the property of FELCO.
The FELCO trademark is protected in Switzerland and in the countries in which FELCO products are marketed, under the Swiss federal law on trademark protection (LPM) and the national laws of countries where the FELCO trademark has been registered, including international agreements regarding trademark protection.

Users may view, download and reproduce the documents provided on this website for their personal use or use within their company only. Dealers (including subsidiaries) of FELCO are further authorized to make electronic copies of the data contained on this website and print them for their customers or networks for the purpose of promoting FELCO products. Dealers and subsidiaries must comply at all times to the guidelines on the use of the FELCO trademark.

No content, data or information of this website may be used for any other use without first securing a license or written and confirmed right of use from FELCO.

FELCO may prohibit at any moment the use of the information, data or content of its web site by any person or third party websites if such use is liable to cause damage to FELCO or FELCO brand or FELCO customers in any way.

Third-party websites

This website may contain information or links to third-party websites over which FELCO has no control. FELCO shall therefore not be liable for the content or accuracy of those third-party websites or for the content or accuracy of those websites. Users are responsible for accessing those websites.

Use of social media platforms

You can share information, data or content from felco.com, but there are rules to follow. We encourage you to use sharing buttons on our website. When you share to a social media platform, their terms will apply. Search their terms online and clearly read them. You can share the content marked with sharing buttons free of charge, but you cannot charge money for shareable content or give the impression the shareable content costs money. Do not change the content or remove or modify any of FELCO branding or logos. Do not associate FELCO content with advertising or sponsorship: in particular do not put any ads next to FELCO content and do not add additional content to earn money from. Do not use FELCO’s website content for commercial/sales purposes, in particular together with other brands, products and services. Do not use shareable FELCO content with comments which may be harmful to the reputation of the FELCO brand or FELCO’s business. Do not use FELCO shareable content for any activities that can be viewed in anyway as harmful, offensive, political or illegal.
We may use, host, store change, edit or moderate, including removing or not displaying, the content that you post or share in the context of FELCO services and content, without your permission. When you upload something to FELCO social media sites, you give up your rights to it, therefore FELCO can use or modify it without identifying you as the creator.


Users may use the FELCO website to send electronic correspondence to FELCO and its employees. Such correspondence shall be sent at the risk of the user.
US and Canada e-shops only: the sale of FELCO products is governed by the sales conditions as mentioned on both websites (www.felco.com/us_en, www.felco.com/ca_fr and www.felco.com/ca_en) or as communicated by e-mail or by any other means by FELCO.

Guarantee and liability

FELCO makes every effort to ensure that the information on its website is accurate; however, it cannot guarantee that it is complete, valid and relevant. The company shall therefore not be liable for the implicit or explicit content of the information published. In no event shall the images or information contained on this website constitute a direct or indirect contractual offer. FELCO reserves the right to make changes and improvements to its products and services at any time without prior notice. Further, FELCO shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage and losses resulting from the use of the website or impossibility to access it.
That disclaimer of liability also applies to damage due to viruses or other harmful programs, including the loss of data. The user is responsible for the use of this website.


None of the offers made by FELCO, both on the main website and on websites with “local content”, shall be binding to FELCO. They may not therefore be used against FELCO, which reserves the right to revise, supplement or delete such offers temporarily or permanently without notice at any time.

Modifications and original version

The present Terms and Conditions may be modified at any time.

In case of dispute between French and English version, the French version is valid.

Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

Any dispute shall be governed exclusively by the laws of Switzerland. The parties agree to bring any dispute solely before the ordinary courts of Neuchâtel, Switzerland.