16 Nov 2017

FELCO is releasing a new high performance lopper, the FELCO 211, available in three lengths.

This new range of loppers offers an effective solution for cutting the toughest of branches with diameters up to 35 mm. FELCO 211 is lightweight, ergonomic and powerful, and particularly well suited for use in arboriculture, landscaping, gardening, vineyards and maintaining parks and gardens.

The key feature of the FELCO 211 lies in its cutting head: the variable radius on the blade generates a strong pull effect providing significant cutting power to the user.  The engineers at FELCO have also optimised the curve of the anvil blade, so that the branch is held as close as possible to the centre axis, providing maximum leverage. The result is felt immediately, especially as cutting hard wood becomes easy and effortless.

The FELCO 211 is produced in Switzerland by FELCO using generations of cutting tool manufacturing know-how and in a factory using 100% renewable energy.  It has the highest quality steel blades that are hardened and precision ground using FELCO’s proprietary processes, and the forged steel anvil blade provides extreme ruggedness, durability and a long life. The handles are extruded lightweight robust aluminium, and their innovative I- beam profile gives them maximum resistance to physical stress. They are available in three lengths: 40 cm, 50 cm and 60 cm.

The FELCO 211 combines robust design, cutting power and user comfort. The handles have non-slip coating for a grip that is comfortable and pleasant to the touch; soft rubber shock absorbers make cutting smoother throughout the cut, a sap groove facilitates work while the micrometric blade adjustment system with the freely supplied adjustment key makes it easy to adjust the cutting head precisely.

Manufactured in Les Geneveys-sur-Coffrane in Switzerland, the FELCO 211 will be available for sale from autumn/winter 2017 from FELCO tools dealers worldwide. As with other tools of the brand, spare parts will also be available, to further lengthen the life of the tool.

The FELCO 211 has been developed to address the needs of professionals who make heavy-duty use of such tools, sometimes in very tough conditions. With its lightweight & strong I-Beam tubes and powerful high performance cutting head, the Felco 211 allows you to cut large diameters easily and comfortably. The new lopper is available in three handle lengths, and extends our range to provide our consumers with a high performance two-handed cutting tool to get their work done efficiently with more power and comfort” said Stephan Kopietzki, Sales and Marketing Director of FELCO.