11 Jan 2013

FELCO 220 : unmatched power and cutting precision !

FELCO launches a new model of two-hand, lever-action pruning shears combined with bypass cutting head: FELCO 220. Light and powerful with a cutting diameter up to 40 mm. Their bypass cutting head allows clean and precision cutting while their lever system makes pruning easier.

FELCO 220 shears are the new two-hand pruning shears designed by the engineers of Geneveys-sur-Coffrane. They come to complete the FELCO 230 and FELCO 231 series. Sharing the lever system, lightness and power of the first two models, FELCO 220 shears stand out for their outstanding cutting head.

The clean and precise cutting offered by FELCO 220 shears promotes the healing of the wound hence greatly limiting the risk of infection.

Being equipped with a powerful tempered steel blade and anvil-blade, and an ingenious lever system, FELCO 220 shears can cut diameters of 40 mm. This system offers up to 65% more power and therefore limits the use of the saw.

FELCO 220 shears are ideal for heavy-duty work in arboriculture, as well as in parks and gardens. Being 80 cm long and weighing 1.3 Kg, FELCO 220 shears are lightweight and easy-to-use even in the highest branches. Soft springs and good distribution of the tool weight offer exceptional ease of use. They feature non-slip coating of the tubular aluminum alloy handles to perfect ergonomics.

Designed and manufactured using the best materials and under the strictest manufacturing processes, FELCO tools offer a long lifecycle.