Li-Ion 36V - 6.2Ah - 223.2 Wh battery

The FELCO 880/197 battery fits perfectly inside the FELCO 882 Power Pack carrying system to power current and previous generations of FELCO electronic pruning shears. 

The FELCO 880/197 battery uses Lithium-Ion technology and can be quickly recharged with a FELCO charger in 180 minutes

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A How-to can be found at https://myfelco.com/en/how-to

  • 1.36Kg
  • 3.00lb
  • 155.00mm
  • 6.10inch
4 interest-free payments of $98.75
Made in Taiwan, Province of China
30 days return


The FELCO 880/197 Lithium-Ion battery delivers extensive maximum power for an intensive day of heavy duty pruning and cutting, so you never run out of power no matter how challenging the job. For less intense pruning jobs the FELCO 880/195 battery provides a lightweight and powerful solution.