15 Oct 2021

A wider range of FELCO loppers

The new FELCO 201 model allows greater cutting precision and manoeuvrability

The new FELCO 201 loppers comes in three sizes, and uses an entirely redesigned cutting head for more efficiency and precision.


Improved edge durability, better penetration into the branch, clean and precise cutting are some of the benefits of the new FELCO range of loppers that was inaugurated with the presentation of the 201 model.

The narrow cutting head makes the tool more manoeuvrable in tight or hard-to-reach places. It uses a new blade geometry for formidably efficient and precise cutting. The blade, which applies a slight pull on the branch, relies on an exclusive FELCO production process. That significantly improves the durability of the cutting edge and penetration into the cut material.

With its 35 mm cutting diameter, the FELCO 201 is suitable for vineyard work, and also garden maintenance. The (phthalate-free) non-slip coating gives this lightweight tool a pleasing comfortable grip. The I-shaped design of the aluminium tubes offers optimum resistance to physical stress, while the soft shock absorbers help reduce fatigue. Its hardened steel blade, forged counter-blade and extruded powder-coated aluminium tubes offer durability and reliability.

The FELCO 201 comes in three sizes, 40, 50 or 60 cm, to adapt to all cutting needs. The range has been designed to meet the needs of professionals. Nonetheless, it is also absolutely suitable for light-duty work.