03 Dec 2020

The FELCO 903 Sharpener Keeps FELCO 2 Blades Sharp & Ready to Prune!

The FELCO 903 diamond coated sharpener is loved by professional and non professionals to keep their pruning tools razor sharp and ready to cut.

This sharpener is made 100% in Switzerland by FELCO and our local partner Atela. FELCO performs the steel stamping, hardening and heat treatment, while Atela with over 60 years of surface treatment know-how provides the diamond coating. Keeping pruning shear blades sharp is essential as it ensures the highest quality of cut while reducing cutting effort and damage to the plant. The FELCO 903 can be used to sharpen, hone and debur pruning shears, loppers, cable cutters, knives, and other cutting tools to ensure a perfect cutting edge.

To mark this successful partnership between FELCO and Atela as well as the 75th anniversary of FELCO, a special offer of the iconic FELCO 2 with the FELCO 903 diamond sharpener has been made available in select markets. Now consumers can easily get their hands on the worldwide best selling FELCO 2 pruning shears and the FELCO 903 ergonomic, long lasting diamond coated sharpener.

FELCO has created some short tutorial videos to show how easy it is to safely use the FELCO 903 sharpener to produce the perfect cutting edge on FELCO pruning shears and loppers.

Keep well and stay sharp!