23 Jun 2020

FELCO & Garden Answer


This year marks the 75th Anniversary of the FELCO company. In 1945, Felix Flisch a mechanic by trade decided to buy an old watch making workshop in the watch valley of Switzerland. There, using world renowned Swiss expertise in micro precision manufacturing and engineering he developed FELCO pruning shears. A short three years later the iconic FELCO 2 was launched and has remained to this day the industry-standard in professional pruning tools.

Marking this anniversary, FELCO has made efforts around the world to partner with organizations, influencers, and experts tied to these iconic red handled pruning shears. FELCO relies on its grassroots network of fans, professionals, hobbyists, and passionate retailers to advocate and distribute the FELCO brand DNA. That is why in North America FELCO has chosen to partner with Garden Answer.

When we heard from many customers calling into our offices how thankful they were that Garden Answer showed them FELCO we knew they understood the brand. Garden Answer was founded in 2014 by Laura and Aaron LeBoutillier. The popular YouTube channel dives into all things garden related.

When Laura LeBoutillier held her first pair of FELCO 2’s she probably was much younger than most of our users. However, growing up around her family’s Garden Center business that would have been just part of the education.

Her family's Garden Center, Andrew’s Seed, happens to be one of FELCO’s passionate retailers. As an independent garden center, they are an important channel for FELCO products. These majority family-owned and operated businesses serve as a backbone for product knowledge and customer service. They are able to describe the “why FELCO” to anyone interested to know more.

Laura has taken those values from her family business and amplified them using technology, her charming demeanor, and knowledge base. With the help of her husband Aaron, they have been able to harness a subscription base of over eight hundred thousand people and millions of views.

With that we, welcome Garden Answer into the FELCO Family.