01 Nov 2017

New series of pocket knives

The FELCO 500 series is appealing in every way:

- A full cut out that makes it easy for right and left-handed users to open the knife blade
- Soft touch coating on the sides for a comfortable and secure grip
- Ergonomic shape that fits perfectly in the hand
- Blade locking system for increased safety and performance
- 3 to 10 functions available

An essential accessory in town and country, the FELCO Swiss knife is an essential companion that easily slips into all pockets. Professional or amateur, the new FELCO 500 range has a pocket knife suited to everyone's needs.

Attracted by the originality of SWIZA pocket knives, FELCO has selected seven robust and contemporary designs based on the SWIZA knife platforms. This new range, called FELCO 500, 501, 502, 503, 504, 505 & 506, will be available for sale from this autumn. These new Swiss pocket knives with a revisited shape, curves and feel, combined with multiple features are destined to make your life easier.

The FELCO 500 range has something for everyone: a clever cut out opening notch making it easy for right-handers and left-handers to access and open the blade; 'soft-touch' phallate free coating on the sides provide a comfortable feel; an ergonomic shape provides a good grip. Finally, the enhanced safety comes from using a patented system to lock the blade in the open position, the lock release is engaged by pressing the white cross. Each model has a solid stainless steel blade (440/57 HRc) and can have multiple functions, such as: one or more screwdrivers (flat or Phillips), a corkscrew, a saw, a can-opener and a bottle-opener. The wide choice of functions enable you to choose the most suitable model for your needs. Also worth noting, these pocket knives are easy to clean and can be put in the dishwasher occasionally.

"To extend our range with high quality accessories, useful for everyone, FELCO has agreed to partner with the Swiss company 'Helvetica Brands SA', a well-known manufacturer of SWIZA pocket knives. Among the broad spectrum of Swiss knives offered by the Jura-based brand, FELCO has selected seven modern and functional models. These are accessories suited to all lifestyles and always ready for work and adventure!" adds Stephan Kopietzki, FELCO CCO.

"We are delighted with this partnership, which marks the beginning of a fruitful collaboration between our two companies. FELCO and SWIZA share the same values and target a demanding customer base who are close to nature, so it's a natural partnership. This alliance will enable us to strengthen our presence globally and offer our young SWIZA brand the opportunity to spread beyond existing borders", proclaims Peter Hug, CEO of Helvetica Brands SA.