05 May 2013

The FELCO 820, a complete cutting solution

Suited to arboriculture and forestry work, some viticulture work, for use within parks and gardens and by landscape gardeners, the brand new FELCO electroportable pruning shear the FELCO 820 was devised at the heart of Watch Valley. Below is a detailed review of this multipurpose tool.

The FELCO 820 electroportable pruning shear represents the latest FELCO creation. Entirely designed, developed and manufactured in Switzerland, in Neuchâtel within the heart of the watch industry, it proudly boasts the Swiss made logo.

The specifications governing its design were simple; provide customers of the Swiss company with a powerful, rapid, reliable, easy to handle and multipurpose electric pruning shear. This versatility makes the FELCO 820 ideal for different scenarios ranging from arboriculture to forestry work, use within parks and garden, use by landscape gardeners and even for viticulture work, the FELCO 820 represents the perfect tool for all types of cutting work.

FELCO 820 features

With its cutting diameter spanning from 1 to 45 mm, the FELCO 820, offers unparalleled strength, unseen on the market.

It ensures a clean and accurate cut, regardless of the cutting diameter. Favoring rapid wood healing, the FELCO 820 preserves the health of plants. Additionally the curved cutting head proves to be extremely valuable when working at height, as the wood is not driven back upon cutting. Rapid opening and closing ensure precious time-saving during cutting.

The step-by-step mode enables accurate control of blade movement dependent on the pressure placed on the trigger both when opening and when closing. It is therefore easier to move amongst the branches.

The FELCO 820 provides significant innovation; by simply double pressing the trigger you can activate the semi-open mode saving valuable time with small-scale and medium-scale cutting. This new trigger action also enables the tackling of larger diameters, with this clever system there is no longer any need to juggle between the electric pruning shear and a saw!

Thanks to the stand-by mode handling of the tool and cutting accessories (ladder, harness...) is achieved in complete safety.

Light and slender, the harness offers optimal comfort and great charging capacity. It can be used with either one or two batteries; dependent on the respective load level the operator only needs to carry what they require to carry out their work. The harness is easily adjusted so the operator can quickly change and its sits close to the body guaranteeing easier movement. The powerpack (with batteries) is fully compatible with FELCO 800 and FELCO 810.

The ultra-soft cord is inserted through one of the loops positioned on each shoulder, which ensures that it does not become tangled in the branches. Its ideal length enables both right-handed and left-handed operation. Whether you are right or left handed or whether you need to change hands during cutting, FELCO 820 guarantees maximum multipurpose qualities in all situations.

Ultra-light and slim batteries recharge within 2 hours. A clever Kers type system (used in Formula 1) saves the energy produced upon blade closure and extends the charge of the FELCO 820 by more than 10%. A USB port enables charging of items such as a mobile telephone or MP3 player.

Forged aluminum provides the tool body with exceptional strength and longevity. Additionally, this sophisticated system guarantees resistance to dirt and other cutting waste.

In addition the tool has easy and rapid maintenance as a screen is integrated as part of the remote housing, this displays lots of useful information such as the remaining charge capacity, the number of cuts, troubleshooting etc. A grease bolt lubricates and reduces wear. A storage bag includes essential accessories for regular maintenance of the tool...Undoubtedly, the latest product developed by FELCO in Les Geneveys-sur-Coffrane is much more than simply an electric pruning shear; it represents a genuine, complete cutting solution!