01 Feb 2012

FELCO picks up the social networking gauntlet!

The start of the year means New Years' resolutions, and the Swiss brand has resolved to spend the next twelve months establishing its presence in the social networking arena. Facebook, LinkedIn, FlickR, YouTube… FELCO intends to make 2012 the year for connecting with all those who use its pruning tools - and that means you!
In 2012, FELCO plans to make a “digital” connection with its end-users via social networking sites. Facebook and LinkedIn will allow the brand to converse with you, the end-user, directly, as well as enabling you to chat amongst yourselves. The sites will offer brand updates, allow pruning professionals to swap their tips, and give everyone a platform on which to share their experiences…
FlickR and YouTube, meanwhile, will be used to share images and clips of the products in use.
Engaging directly with its end-users is absolutely vital as far as the Swiss-based company from Geneveys-sur-Coffrane is concerned. Soliciting feedback has always been close to the firm's heart, with the head office teams regularly heading overseas to meet end-users, relentlessly scouring the world for ways of improving the Swiss secateurs.
The arrival of social networking sites represents a brand new opportunity for the firm, introducing a communications channel that is both simple and direct. The digital tools are readily accessible and waiting to be used - by FELCO, of course, but notably by you.
Gleaning a better understanding of the way in which you work will help FELCO design tools that are even better tailored to your needs.