Maintenance and service box

The FELCO 933 is a complete maintenance and service box for your FELCO pruning shear. This kit provides all the tools and parts you need to keep your FELCO pruning shear and other garden tools in the best condition. By servicing and replacing worn or damaged parts, you ensure that your pruning shear always works at its best and is ready for use.
The FELCO maintenance box is a perfect gift for garden lovers and those who want to take care of their tools professionally.

  • 556g
  • 1.23lb
4 interest-free payments of $36.70
30 days return
*Lifetime warranty


Taking care of your pruning shear is important to ensure its durability and proper functioning. A well-maintained pruning shear makes clean cuts with precision and comfort, making pruning work easier.

The FELCO 933 maintenance box is also a great gift for friends or family members who are avid home gardeners. A perfect starter kit that includes the iconic FELCO 2 and all the tools and accessories required for servicing and maintaining in perfect shape a FELCO pruning shear.

The kit includes:

- the iconic FELCO 2 pruning shear

- A replacement blade 2/3

- The FELCO 905 multipurpose tool, which allows you to both disassemble the pruning shear, and adjust and sharpen the blade easily

- The FELCO 981 spray, ideal for removing dirt and rust accumulated during use.

- The lubricating spray FELCO 980, to be applied daily before storing them

- the FELCO 990 grease

- Adjustment key 2/30

- FELCO rag