FELCO 8 Edition Spéciale Stéphane Marie

One-handed pruner - High performance - Ergonomic - Compact

This pruner has an ingenious design that makes it ideal for your difficult pruning jobs. The excellent ergonomics of the tool is particularly suitable for users with large hands and gives a sense of confidence that comes from a firm and comfortable grip of the tool. Thanks to its inclined cutting head, the FELCO 8 instantly becomes a natural extension of your hand for increased efficiency in all your pruning work.

The aluminum handles are first anodized in black, then an arabesque representing Stéphane Marie's herbarium is printed using the UV printing technique, before protecting everything with powder coating.

  • 25.00mm
  • 0.98inch
  • 245g
  • 0.54lb
  • 210.00mm
  • 8.27inch
Hand size
  • Large hand
4 interest-free payments of $37.50
Made in Switzerland
30 days return


The exceptional ergonomics imagined by FELCO creates a feeling of optimal comfort when using your pruning shears. The tilted cutting head prevents the tool from slipping into your hand and makes the FELCO 8 a natural extension of yourself, easy to use and comfortable, which reduces muscle fatigue from the first use. The feeling of comfort is enhanced by the rubber shock absorbers that help reduce the cutting effort on your wrists, as well as the handle-shaped design that optimizes the force applied to the chosen cut. The precision adjustment mechanism makes it easy to adjust the cutting head according to your needs.

Bypass pruner

Forged aluminum handles guaranteed for life

Phthalate-free non-slip coating

Hardened steel blade and counter-blade

Blade with wire cutting

Counter-blade with sap groove

Screwed back blade for easy replacement

Made in Switzerland from 100% renewable energy

Toothed nut for easy adjustment of the cutting head

Lightweight and sturdy matrixed aluminum handles guaranteed for life for efficient handling anywhere or the task to be performed

A robust, high-performance tool whose design makes it easy and comfortable to perform any work of difficult size

The tilted head integrates the function of the tool by hand for a comfortable and natural cut

Trust FELCO's know-how in heat treatment and quenching to give you an ultra-sharp and durable edge

Cut comfortably and safely with ergonomic padded, non-slip and phthalate-free handles

Counter blade sap groove prevents the blade from sticking and improves cutting efficiency

The wire cutter integrated into the blade allows you to face all eventualities and avoids any risk of blunting your tool

Easily adjust the cutting head for a clean and precise cut, ensuring rapid healing of the wood

Keep pruning longer with rubber shock absorbers that increase maneuverability and reduce fatigue.

Quick and easy blade replacement is safe, secure and allows you to continue working safely

If you are as environmentally conscious as we are, you will be committed to keeping your FELCO tool in perfect condition and limiting waste by using a tool whose most parts, from the blade to the smallest screw, can be replaced.

Made in Switzerland from 100% renewable energy

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