07 Feb 2023

New FELCO hedge shears

The brand new FELCO 250 hedge shears meets the needs of the most demanding landscapers and home gardeners. Resistant and made to last, this new product has been designed specifically to trim hedges and box hedges.


FELCO 250 hedge shears are particularly useful for shaping hedge edges, creating clean lines and angles, and for trimming overgrown or unruly branches. They are also excellent for creating a uniform or geometric shape useful for topiary art.

High performance blades

The FELCO 250 features chrome plated blades that prevent hardened steel from corrosion. The very sharp cutting edge provides rapid and clean cuts while the inner blade section is serrated to cut steel wires or tougher, thicker branches.

Durability & ergonomics

The extruded powder-coated aluminium handles offer great resistance, and the non-slip coating gives this lightweight tool a pleasing and comfortable grip. The cutting head also features a 13° angle for optimal ergonomics when trimming, while the soft shock-absorbers perfectly help reduce fatigue.

Main specifications



  • I-Beam extruded aluminium handles are lightweight, resistant to intense physical strain and durable over time


  • Rubber cushioned shock-absorbers to prevent fatigue


  • Blades are bent at a 13° angle for improved ergonomics while trimming

Adjustment System

  • FELCO landmark precision adjustment system
  • Easily allows for tool serviceability and maintenance

Grease bolt

  • Designed to be easy and efficient to grease using the FELCO 991 grease pump


  • Hardened steel
  • Serrated blade section for wire cutting and trimming thicker branches
  • Chrome plating for smooth trimming action and corrosion resistance

FELCO 250 - 57


FELCO 250 - 63


Photo credit : Tripack