01 Oct 2019

Power Blade Series


On October 1st, 2019, FELCO, the world leader in professional pruning shears, introduces a new generation of professional electric pruning shears: FELCO Power Blade Series®.

In order to meet user requirements in vineyards, orchards, arboriculture, landscaping, and forestry, FELCO has developed a complete new range dedicated to meet the needs of demanding professional users in these industries. Four models of electric pruning shears with a cut capacity up to 45mm, this new FELCO range is the widest in its class, combining performance, ergonomics and connectivity.

The models in the FELCO Power Blade Series® range are as follows:

  • FELCO 802 and FELCO 802G (left-handed model) are fast and precise, ideal for pruning in viticulture and orchards, with a weight of 750g and a cut capacity of up to 30mm.
  • The FELCO 812, versatile and ergonomic with a weight of 810g, is ideally suited for work in viticulture, orchards, arboriculture and landscaping. Its superior power compared to the FELCO 802 allows it to easily prune and cut branches up to 35mm in diameter.
  • The powerful and robust FELCO 822 is ideal for heavy duty work in orchards, arboriculture, forestry and landscaping. It has a cut capacity up to 45mm to execute large powerful cuts without sacrificing speed.

The FELCO Power Blade Series® range features the latest cutting-edge innovation from FELCO, the FELCO XPRO blades. A revolution in pruning, these new blades have been designed and manufactured by FELCO for this new range to provide consistent pruning and cutting excellence. FELCO XPRO blades are made of top quality, high speed steel (HSS), they have a new design, and ensure superior cutting edge performance and longer blade life compared to blades made from conventional steel. The FELCO XPRO blades prune with precision and efficiency to ensure a clean cut and longer plant life.

The range is completed by a new carrying system, the Power Pack 882, which is comfortable, lightweight and compact. It is up to two times lighter and more compact than the previous carrying system thanks to a new design and intelligent combination of materials. The new ergonomic shoulder straps blend into the dorsal structure and perfectly fit to the body. This new carrying system offers a multitude of positions for more flexibility and ergonomics. The 882 Power Pack also incorporates a unique feature for electronic pruning tools; Bluetooth® communication, so pruning tools can now be connected to the new FELCO application. This smartphone or tablet compatible application is available for IOS or Android, it allows monitoring of tool performance, customization and can display tool data such as the date of the next required service or warranty status.

The new innovative cable connected to the Power Pack 882 is flexible for easy maneuvering and it is equipped with a rotating ON / OFF dial located on the tool connector. Its unique design makes it resistant to water and dust so it can perform in the most demanding environments.

Stephan Kopietzki, CCO FELCO: "In listening and working with users in the field, FELCO has put its know-how to work to design a range of products that meet these demanding user needs for pruning jobs in different environments such as viticulture, orchards, arboriculture, landscaping or forestry. The new FELCO XPRO blades are the result of our technical expertise and manufacturing processes to offer users an exceptional pruning experience. The introduction of Bluetooth® connectivity to the tool offers easy visibility of tool status, tool customization and tool monitoring like never before available on the market! "