24 May 2013

The FELCO 801, the ideal electric pruning shear for intensive pruning work.

With the FELCO 801, FELCO is extending its power-assisted range of pruning tools. This innovative model, owing to its perfect design, is particularly suited to pruning work within vineyards. Fast- cutting, light and ergonomic, the FELCO 801 easily finds its way round the branches that require cutting. Cutting diameters of up to 30 mm, the FELCO 801 is ideal for a multitude of other uses.

With the FELCO 801, the Swiss brand offers the ideal electric pruning shear for cutting diameters of up to 30 mm. Particularly suited to vineyard work, the FELCO 801 can also be used for horticulture, nursery work or the maintenance of parks and gardens.

The FELCO 801 offers maximum comfort. The FELCO 801 was designed with the requirements of professionals in mind. The tool is light, well balanced in the hand, comfortable and pleasant to handle. The pivot trigger and the compact body offer unparalleled manoeuvrability. This lightweight tool is ergonomic making work easier and reducing the strain on arm and shoulder muscles.

Left-handers have no need to worry, FELCO has developed a special left-handed model, the FELCO 801G.

The compact and light harness simplifies movement and ensures good distribution of the battery weight. The fleece-lined structure ensures optimal air circulation, and therefore greater comfort. Strong and solid, the powerpack is compatible with other models within the FELCOtronic range.

The ultra-soft cord is inserted through one of the loops positioned on each shoulder, which ensures that it does not become tangled in the branches.

Increased productivity, all thanks to the FELCO 801. The tool design and cutting head geometry enable the FELCO 801 to move easily amongst the branches that require cutting.

The accurate control of the blade movement is thanks to the progressive mode, this enables maximum precision, efficient cutting and safety. The semi-open mode offers precious time-saving when cutting small diameters.

The engineers of the Swiss brand envisaged both innovative and efficient mechanics, particularly owing to the increased motor rotation speed and the optimized ball screw movement.

The remote housing displays numerous useful details such as the battery life remaining, the number of cuts, troubleshooting, etc.

The battery life is able to provide a full day of pruning, which varies according to the durability and diameter of the wood to be cut. Where required, a second battery can easily be added, regardless of the charge level. With lithium polymer (Li-Po) technology, the battery recharges in 2 hours maximum.

Safety when working is guaranteed thanks to the stand-by mode.

Additional cutting heads can be used with the FELCO 801 when carrying out specific work. The 800M cutting head is made for cutting the hooves of sheep and goats and the 800F cutting head is ideal for small diameters of up to 20 mm.

Nature-friendly tool. Thanks to its cutting head made of superior quality hardened steel, the cut is clean and precise. It is possible to cut branches without damaging them, this enables better healing of the pruning cut and contributes to improved plant production.

The precise adjustment system for the clearance between the blade and the anvil blade ensures a clean, accurate cut, throughout the entire day.

Extremely simple maintenance. Cutting head maintenance operations can be carried out very easily without dismantling the tool, notably thanks to the grease bolt, which enables easy and efficient lubrication of the cutting head. The forged aluminum provides the tool body with remarkable strength and longevity.

The FELCO 801 appears like a natural extension of the hand; users will feel as if they are carrying out manual cutting whilst benefiting from the advantages of electro portable pruning shears. The FELCO 801, is the one!