19 Jul 2019

42nd World Congress of Vine & Wine

This week FELCO has been a sponsor of the 42nd World Congress of Vine & Wine, put on by the OIV (the International Organization of Vine and Wine) and taking place in Geneva, Switzerland. Delegates from around the world have come to Geneva this week to learn and exchange on key topics impacting wine and vineyards from sustainability to consumer perception to climate impact and many more. Playing a role around the world in the care of vineyards, FELCO is pleased to play a role and support this globally important forum of exchange for vineyards and wine.

FELCO was present at the OIV congress with a booth displaying and demonstrating FELCO products. The latest new products, the FELCO 14 and FELCO 15 were on hand, ideal for smaller hands and performing precision work in vineyards with surprising ease and power. The FELCO after-sales service team gave live demonstrations on how to maintain and service FELCO tools showing those present why FELCO tools are made to last.

The recent partnership of FELCO and SIMONIT&SIRCH also contributed to the learning and exchange at the OIV World Congress. FELCO’s CEO Christophe Nicolet introduced Marco Simonit who in turn gave an impactful presentation on how a specific pruning method can extend the life of vineyards around the world. As vineyard health and combating vineyard disease are critical topics, this impactful presentation was of high interest to the delegates.

The OIV World Congress moves next from Geneva onto field visits at other locations around Switzerland and will wrap up at the world-renowned Fete Des Vignerons event in Vevey, Switzerland. The OIV delegates will experience an event which has been celebrating the life of vineyards in Switzerland since 1797 with events taking place every 20 to 25 years.

Being able to sponsor the OIV World Congress is a fantastic opportunity to exchange with those involved in vineyards and wine from around the world”, says Stephan Kopietzki CCO of FELCO SA. “We appreciate the possibility of showing and explaining how our products can help maintain vineyards, and of course being able to bring Marco Simonit to present a pruning method to extend vineyard life. Vineyard longevity is a meaningful topic for delegates from around the world.

For information on the OIV go to: http://oiv2019.ch/2019/
For information on Marco Simonit and the SIMONIT&SIRCH pruning method go to: https://simonitesirch.com/
For information on the Fete Des Vignerons go to: https://www.fetedesvignerons.ch/