14 Oct 2014

Three new pruning shears

FELCO expands its range of pruning shears with three new models: two tools for left-handers and one flower pruning shear.
FELCO takes into account the needs of its customers when developing its tools and are pleased to announce the launch of left handed versions of its compact secateurs to complete the range.

FELCO 16 and FELCO 17 - Models for left-handers
FELCO 16 (based upon FELCO 6) and FELCO 17 with rotating handle (based upon FELCO 12) are designed for left-handers, since approximately one in ten is left-handed. Both models serve to enrich the pruning shear range for left-handers, offering compact, extremely easy to use and comfortable tools.

Professional pruners carry out up to 10,000 cuts per day across several months of the year, so it is easy to understand why only accurate, compact pruning shears, perfectly suited to the hand can satisfy pruning constraints. The pruning shears and user must withstand 10,000 cuts per day...

The reliability of FELCO tools has been proven. Global pruning shear producer since 1945, FELCO has always found the perfect balance between efficiency, user-friendliness, reliability and accuracy. And even today FELCO brings, with its two new pruning shears for left-handers, a solution without compromise: comfortable forged aluminum handles, high quality hardened steel blade and anvil-blade and micrometric adjustment of the cutting head for a clean and accurate cut.
Available for sale from October 2014.

FELCO 4C&H - Flower pruning shear
FELCO 4Cut & Hold, flower-pruning shear that enables the cutting of flowers without damaging them. It is an adaptation of
the FELCO 4 model to which a special device is screwed to the blade to hold the stem after cutting and avoid the flower falling to the ground.

Without straying from the brand characteristics - with the forged aluminum handles and high-quality tempered steel blade and counterblade, the FELCO 4C&H offers a particularly advantageous solution for pruners attentive to the price of their tools comparing it to its big brother The FELCO 100 (flower pruning device based upon the FELCO 11 model).
Available for sale from October 2014.