Sharpening tool - Sharpening stone

It is one thing to enjoy using FELCO’s tools and their exceptional cutting edge; it’s quite another to expect that edge to go on providing such clean, precise cutting without a little effort on your part. The FELCO 902 sharpening stone comprises high quality corundum, with the choice of a medium or fine grit abrasive surface. It is an ideal tool for sharpening and maintaining the blades of all your pruning shears, loppers and cable cutters. Keep the FELCO 902 handy to maintain and ensure your FELCO blade cutting performance. 

  • 30g
  • 0.07lb
  • 100.00mm
  • 3.94inch
Made in China
*Lifetime warranty


We’ve all done it… In the rush to keep getting the job done, sharpening your FELCO tool is not always a priority, especially at the end of a long pruning day. The FELCO 902 is a sharpening stone in corundum which rewards you for the minimum of effort. Whether you choose to use the medium grit (blue section) or fine grit (white section) depending upon your sharpening needs, the result is a cutting edge returned to its maximum sharpness. The FELCO 902 won’t change shape from your efforts - even if your tool hasn’t made contact with it in a while. Transform the blades of pruning shears, loppers, and cable cutters to high performance cutting tools as when they were fresh out of the box. However, use the suggested sharpening technique and angles on the instruction card or online, as the sharpening angle is key. The blade must be at the correct angle in relation to the sharpening stone, typically at and angle of 15 to 20°. The reward of well-maintained blade is a sharp reminder of why you bought FELCO in the first place.

  • Sharpening stone with a combination of fine-grit side (white) and a medium-grit (blue) side for every blade sharpening and maintenance need
  • The FELCO 902 is practical, doesn’t deform so you can always rely on achieving the best result
  • Versatile stone for dry and wet sharpening
  • Easy to use abrasion that requires only slight pressure. Sliding the stone in an inward movement six to ten times achieves maximum sharpness of your tool blade
  • Designed to sharpen so there is no ridging on your blade
  • Sharpening regularly maintains FELCO’s world-renown high quality cutting edge
  • Ensures a long life for your tool’s cutting edge and sharpness wherever you work
  • Tool for right and left-handed users
  • Made in Slovenia to FELCO guaranteed high quality