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FELCO 6 Edition Spéciale Stéphane Marie

One-handed pruner - High performance - Ergonomic - Compact
Diese kompakte und leistungsstarke Baumschere ist eine ausgezeichnete Wahl für alle Fälle und bietet eine außergewöhnliche Reichweite und Schnittleistung. Die FELCO 6 vereint außergewöhnliche Ergonomie und Bedienungskomfort für eine stets optimale Schnittqualität, unabhängig von der Größe Ihrer Hand.

Die Griffe aus Aluminium sind zunächst schwarz eloxiert, dann wird im UV-Druckverfahren eine Arabeske aufgedruckt, die das Herbarium von Stéphane Marie darstellt, bevor alles mit einer Pulverbeschichtung geschützt wird.

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  • 20.00mm
  • 0.79inch
  • 210g
  • 0.46lb
  • 195.00mm
  • 7.68inch
  • Medium hand
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Every feature of the FELCO 6 contributes to extreme comfort in every size task. Take them in hand and feel that feeling of compactness and lightness combined with the robust cutting power of the blades made of high-quality hardened steel. The one-piece matrixed aluminum handle reinforces this impression of robustness. The inclined cutting head naturally extends the hand for increased ergonomic comfort, while the rubber shock absorbers ensure a smooth closure that prevents wrist pain. The precision adjustment mechanism makes it easy to adjust the cutting head for surgical precision that sublimates each FELCO size tool and makes it indispensable.

Bypass pruner

Forged aluminum handles guaranteed for life

Phthalate-free non-slip coating

Hardened steel blade and counter-blade

Blade with wire cutting

Counter-blade with sap groove

Screwed back blade for easy replacement

Made in Switzerland from 100% renewable energy

Toothed nut for easy adjustment of the cutting head
Its lightweight structure allows efficient handling regardless of the place or task to be performed
Beveled thin cutting head allows easy access and better penetration to trim branches safely and efficiently
Precision size and tip cutting make the FELCO 6 the ideal tool for the most precise tasks in a single pass
One-piece matrixed aluminum handles ensure your FELCO tool is robust enough for tough pruning jobs
Trust FELCO's know-how in heat treatment and quenching to give you an ultra-sharp and durable edge
Compact design efficiently distributes cutting power for high performance available in all situations
The tilted head integrates the function of the tool by hand for a comfortable and natural cut
Cut comfortably and safely with ergonomic padded, non-slip and phthalate-free handles
Counter blade sap groove prevents the blade from sticking and improves cutting efficiency
The wire cutter integrated into the blade allows you to face all eventualities and avoids any risk of blunting your tool
Easily adjust the cutting head for a clean and precise cut, ensuring rapid healing of the wood
Keep pruning longer with rubber shock absorbers that increase maneuverability and reduce fatigue.
Quick and easy blade replacement is safe, secure and allows you to continue working safely
If you are as environmentally conscious as we are, you will be committed to keeping your FELCO tool in perfect condition and limiting waste by using a tool whose most parts, from the blade to the smallest screw, can be replaced.
Made in Switzerland from 100% renewable energy
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